GEMINI 50 WT 25Nm 17rpm Fabric Tensioning System 1126009

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  • 230V / 50Hz tubular motor.
  • The FTS range is specially adapted to suit Fabric Tensioning Systems. Utilizing two
    motors and specific electronics to manage the run of the system, the FTS motor
    is unique in its operation. Horizontal and inclined shading is where the Fabric
    Tensioning System is particularly adept.
  • Rapid set limits.
  • 6 minute running time (electronically limited).
  • Suitable for tubes: Ø50 to Ø70.
  • Specific FTS Hi-Pro Box and FTS motors required for operation*.
  • Requires the use of a crown and wheel for tube adaptation.
  • Horizontal mount only.
  • Intermittent Usage.

*FTS controller must be used with 2 FTS motors for correct operation.
Torques cannot be mixed on the same FTS controller.



FTS Safety Sheet

FTS Selection Chart

FTS 50 Technical drawing

FTS Installation Sheet


Technical information



Consumption during operation 180   W
Minimum voltage 207   V
Maximum Voltage 244   V
Rated current 0.95   A
Nominal Voltage / Frequency 230V 50Hz  


Capacity of the limit switch unit 46   turns
Type of limit switch unit Quick limit switch  
Type of head Star Head  
Nominal Speed 17   rpm
Nominal Torque 25   Nm


Approval RCM  
Protection Index IP44  
Insulation class Class I  


Plug in cable Black LT Plug (non removable)  
Cable type Rubber  
Wire section 0.75   mm²
Color Black  
Wire Length 2.5   m
Number of wires of the cable 5  


Length (L1) 663   mm
Basic crown for tube diameter 50 x 1.5   mm
Weight 2.93   Kg
Overall length (L3) 655   mm
Riveting position distance (L2) 640   mm