Era MH 50Nm 12rpm Emergency Override Roller Shutter ERM50000H00

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  •  Tubular motor with mechanical limit switch and manual emergency override mechanism.
  • Solutions to meet all needs: usable both for large-scale applications with the 50 Nm 12 rpm version and small structures with the 15 Nm 17 rpm version.
  • Intuitive adjustment of up and down limit positions, thanks to the mechanical limit switch.
  • Easy to install: fixing directly on the head thanks to the M6 holes with 48 mm center distance, no support required.
  • Wired and/or radio connection to climatic sensors via external control units.

Instructions and warnings for installation and use

Technical Information
 Motor Diameter 45mm
Type Of Engine Wired
Limit Switches Mechanical
Automatic Adjustment And Readjustment: Nope
Supply Voltage : 230 Volts - 50 Hz
Power (In Watts): 1.10
Thermal Cut-Out Delay: 4 Mins.
Torque (Nm) 50
Speed (rpm) 12
Lifted Weight (kg) 95
length (mm) 637
Weight Of Motor 3.6kg