Era MAT ST 5Nm 24rpm ERS05000003T Indoor Blinds

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  • built-in radio receiver and TTBus technology
  • Simple remote adjustment of the limit switch by transmitter
  • Level programming: quick and safe. If an incorrect selection is made, programming begins again from the previous level without the need to reprogram all the settings programmed up to that point. 
  • Memory locking to prevent accidental memorizing.
  • The built-in circuit board allows a number of motors to be connected and controlled in parallel from a single point without the need for additional control units.
  • The encoder technology guarantees millimetric precision, reliability and maintenance of set values over time.



Instructions and warnings for installation and use

Video for setting up remote and limits.

Technical Information
Tubular motor: 35 mm
Mark Nice
Couple 5 newtons
Type Radio
End of run: electronic
Repair maneuver: Without
Speed ​​(in revolutions minutes): 24
Fixed Position: Yes
Automatic adjustment and readjustment: No
Plug and Play: No
Adjustment from the motor head: No
Adjustment from specific adjustment switch: No
Setting from the radio control: Yes
Radio compatibility: Yes
Supply voltage : 230 volts - 50 Hz
Thermal cut-off time: 4 min.
Protection sign : IP 44
Radio frequency : 433.92 MHz