Simu T3.5 DC Low Voltage

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- The T3.5 DC is designed for installations, roller shutters or awnings that require very low voltage or where there is no mains power
- The power consumption of this generation of T3.5 DC motor has been reduced to a minimum
- Only 372 mm long, it can be used for ultra short roller shutters or awnings
- The T3.5 DC is fitted with a silent magnetic brake which will bring the roller shutter to a perfect stop


The high performance T3.5 DC is available in 12V and 24V options with a torque of 10Nm.


T3.5 & T5 DC installation

T3.5 dc data sheet

Technical Information


T3.5 12v DC - 10/12 10Nm 12 rpm 373mm L3 2006977

T3.5 24v DC - 10/12 10Nm 12 rpm 373mm L3 2006978