Era S 10Nm 11rpm Indoor Blinds / Projector Screens ERS10000000

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electro-mechanical limits

Roller shutter motors with mechanical position limit switch.

Perfect for blinds and sunshades.

Size S Ø35mm.



      Technical Support

      Technical Support

      Technical Information
      Power (Vac/Hz) vac/Hz 230/50
      Power consumption AND 0.54
      Power In 120
      Power consumption in Stand-By mode In <0.5
      Torque nm 10
      Speed ​​(rpm) rpm 11
      Lifting weight* (Calculated for 40 mm diameter pipe.) kg 18
      Number of revolutions 35
      Continuous working time min 4
      Length (L) (L)(mm) 402
      Engine weight kg 1
      Size of the package mm 90x90x440