Louvolite 2 Channel Remote White (Gen 2) (R1942-2CH)

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The Gen 2 (R1942) Louvolite 6 Channel Remote is a great addition to any motorized setup. It can control up to 6 individual motorized blinds or multiple groups of motorized blinds.

Please note this remote will only operate Generation 2 Louvolite motors (R1912/R1918). Louvolite 6 Channel Remote can operate up to 6 individual motorized blinds or a smaller number of motorized blinds with added group features. For example, if you have 6 motorized blinds you can set channels 1-6 for individual use. Then, the ‘all channel’ could operate them all with only one tap. There are various combinations you could set up to fully integrate motorized blinds into your home. If used alongside the Louvolite Home Hub it is a handy backup device. For instance,  in case of a power cut or when your WiFi goes down.

 Tested to AS/NZS 62368.1:2018


How to Program R1942-6CH Remote