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The Nice Era XLH 230/12 motor is a Nice 90 mm tubular wired motor ideal for a large roller shutter , large awning or  large metal grille .

Included in a torque range of up to 230 newtons maximum with a fast speed of 12 rpm, the Nice Era XLH 230/12 awning motor is powerful and fast with a force of 230 newtons.

The Nice Era XLH 230/12 roller shutter motor is reliable thanks to its manual emergency operation. In the event of a power cut, the motor for Nice Era XLH metal gates and shutters still ensures operation and activation of the crank automatically engages the manual transmission.

The Nice Era XLH 230/12, 230 newton motor is a safe motor thanks to its association with safety systems such as the anti-fall device and the sensitive edge.

Easy to install:

Nice Era XLH motor mounting plates are installed perpendicular to the installation area. In case of irregularity of the surface, it is mandatory to use the special wall plate (ref. 537.10001).



Nice XLH Installation sheet

Technical Information
Motor Diameter  90mm
Type Of Engine Wired
Limit Switches Mechanical
Power (In Watts): 810
Supply Voltage : 230 Volts - 50 Hz
Weight : 11.2