E-series T20 low volt mech ods

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roller shutter spare parts

To be used with the e port controller and RF controller

Nominal Torque: 20Nm

used with the battery operated roller shutters

The T20 tubular motor has been specifically designed to suit the current Oz Roll Drive System using both the ODS & E- Series Controllers and is compatible with both the Standard and the RF controllers.

With a lifting capacity twice that of the L10 mech and the ability to suit even the smallest of head boxes, the T20 tubular motor retains all of the benefits of a low voltage /battery back up system.

It is simply a Smarter and Safer alternative to the current 240v system enabling operation during a power blackout and is not reliant on the services of a licensed electrician or mains power.

Installation is really quick and simple with the T20 tubular motor having mechanical limit settings and nominal speed of 16RPM. A tool is provided with each motor so you can set the "Up" and "Down" end limits.

Please note: This can take up to 30 rotations of the limits screw on the motor head.

Drive Wheel Kits:

You will need a drive wheel kit if you are converting from a strap control or an L10 Mech they are available to suit both the 50mm round and 60mm Octagonal axles let me know on checkout.. roller shutter motor


Technical Specifications - T20 Tubular Motor

Nominal Torque: 20NmNo Load Speed: 16rpm Max Operating Current: 4.2 Amps Nominal Voltage: 12 volts Internal End Stop Limits: 32 turns

The Ozroll T20 Has A Maximum Lifting Capacity of 32kg

Curtain weight: 1sq mtr = 4kg = 8square meter of shutter (for example, 3200mm x 2500mm window maximum) or any other combination that equals 8 square metres or less.


T20 tubular motor