Simu Color Multi 16 Channel Remote Control

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– Individual control
– Zones' control: rooms, floors…
– Centralization


– Multi channel remote control:  Thanks to its 16 programming channels and its LCD screen, COLOR Multi gives the opportunity to organize and manage, in individual or group controls, all roller shutters and awnings of the house, being roller shutters of the living room, the bedrooms, the bathroom or even awning on the terrace.

It is no longer necessary to move around, COLOR Multi is a remote control! it is no longer necessary to multiply the remote control either, COLOR Multi can control everything!

– The LCD screen serving simplicity: Thanks to the information on the screen, you always know everything about the product working or in programming.

– Create made-to-measure controls: The naming function combined to the numerous possibilities of controls give the opportunity to personalize COLOR Multi for each user, with the name he has chosen per control (for example: bedroom 1, living, terrace…)


16 Channel Instructions

Technical information
Radio Frequency 433.42 MHz
Battery Type LR 03
Protection Index IP 20
Technology compatibilities Hz Technology
Number of channels 16
Number of batteries 2
Applications Lighting, Exterior Vertical Screen, Rolling shutter, Garage door, Awning