Simu T3.5 Hz02 remote

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completely integrated with SIMUs advanced Hz Radio Remote Control Technology, the T3.5 Hz02 range makes installing a breeze. End-limit positions are easily programmed via your remote control, eliminating any need for accessing the motor head. The T3.5 Hz02 is available in a 3Nm 25rpm high speed version making it ideal for most internal blinds. These compact motors are quiet and very energy efficient. All feature an intermediate/favourite position feature that is set/ modified directly from your remote. The T3.5 Hz02 range is also ideal for the motorisation of small roller shutters.


T3.5 hz02 data sheet

T3.5 hz02 Installation

T3.5 hz02 technical data

Technical Information 


T3.5 hz02 - 3/25 3Nm 25 rpm 520mm L3 30-902-303

T3.5 hz02 - 4/16 4Nm 16 rpm485mm L3 30-902-304

T3.5 hz02 - 9/16 9Nm 16 rpm 520mm L3 30-903-309

T3.5 hz02 - 13/10 13Nm 10 rpm 520mm L3 30-902-313