Simu T5 Standard Tubular Motor

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The most popular and versatile motor in the high performance SIMU range is available in various torques and speeds depending on your application need. For high speed applications the 6Nm version has an operating speed of 32rpm making it ideal for internal and external blinds as well as projection screens. For roller shutters and awnings you can easily automate heavy applications with a torque of up to 35Nm and 7rpm, or 50Nm and 12rpm versions. The T5 motor is quiet and very energy efficient.


Wired, 50 MM
- Progressive end-limit system
- Setting of the up and down end-limits on the motor head thanks to a setting screwdriver


T5 Install Guide

T5 technical data

Technical Information

T5 - 15/12 15Nm 12 rpm 521mm L3 2000295

T5 - 20/12 20Nm 12 rpm 541mm L3 2000322

T5 - 30/12 30Nm 12 rpm 621mm L3 2000371

T5 - 40/12 40Nm 12 rpm 621mm L3 2000412

T5 - 50/12 50Nm 12 rpm 621mm L3 2000432