Simu T5 DMI Manual Override

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Wired, Ø50 MM

- Built-in manual override
- Progressive end-limit system
- Setting of the up and down end-limits on the motor head... on either sides of the head
- Compact motor head... only 24 mm thickness


Versatile and always ready to operate.

- Build-in manual override: thanks to it, you can retract or deploy the roller shutter or the awning even in case of power failure
- Practical: its compact head is easily fixed thanks to its numerous possible positions. The end-limit adjustment is easy thanks to the accessibility to the setting screws.
- Wide range of motors: a complete range of torque/speed (from 10 to 50 Nm)  to motorize most roller shutters & awnings and to choose the most appropriate motor to fit each installation.


T5 DMI manual Override Installation


DMI 5 - 15/17 15 Nm 17 rpm 2000769

DMI 5 - 25/17 25 Nm 17 rpm 2000770

DMI 5 - 40/12 40 Nm 12 rpm 2000775

DMI 5 - 50/12 50 Nm 12 rpm 2000776