Sonesse 30 RTS 2/20 Battery Motor

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Comes included with.

  • somfy sonesse 30 wire free battery motor
  • wall charger.
  • Instructions booklet

Not Included

  • remote control
  • crown wheel and drive wheel


  • Great for interior applications ranging from small to large window treatments
  • Ideal for areas where wiring is a challenge
  • Flexible speed and tilt power adjustments for optimal customisation
  • Superior quality backed by 5 year warranty

Comfort & Convenience
  • Designed for power and strength, able to control larger window coverings which increases opportunities for motorisation
  • Delivers quiet operation to enhance end user experience
  • Adjustable speed control for customised shade performance
  • Compatible with Telis Mod/Var RTS remote for precise control of blind slats
  • Embedded LED lights ease programming and indicate when battery level is low


Energy Savings

  • Rechargeable, lithium-ion battery reduces overall costs, minimises maintenance and eliminates the need to install and replace batteries
  • Protect interiors and furnishings from overexposure to damaging UV rays
  • Add sensors or timers to reduce heating and cooling costs automatically

Ref : 1240512


Sonesse 30 Install Flow Chart 

Sonesse 30 Install Instructions 

Technical Information

Voltage Supply                          12V DC

Index Protecting Rating             IP 30 (for indoor use only)

Limit Switch Type                       Electronic

Temperature Working Range     0ºC to 60ºC

Temperature Storage Range      -20ºC to 60ºC

Insulation Class                          Class III

Antenna                                     15 cm wire length must not be cut or lengthened.

                                                   For  greatest RF range, it must not be exposed and

                                                   should not come in contact with metal surfaces.

                                                   RF wire may need to be repositioned for 

                                                   optimal performance.



Nominal Torque     2 Nm

Nominal Speed      20 rpm (Sonesse noise performance)

Adjustable Speed   10-28 by increment of 1-2 rpm

Sound Level            44 dBa (at nominal speed)

Radio Protocol        RTS

Radio Frequency     433.42 MHz

Battery Lifetime       Nominal 10 to 12 months

Power Supply          Li-ion embedded battery

Low Battery Indicator LED