LT60 WT VEGA 60Nm 12rpm 1162023

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The LT60 60nm 12 RPM is suitable for larger roller shutters and awnings.

To be used in tube from 70mm to 102mm

 Parallel wiring of motors is prohibited without the use of an isolation controller, eg. 4AC Motor Controller,
4 Motor Group Controller, etc. Direct switching of a 230V motor must always be done via a mechanical interlock.

When using this motor as a replacement for a defective motor:

- Don't cut the power cord. It can easily be taken out by loosening 3 screws, so just plug it into the new motor

- Re use the crown and drive from the old motor if you can.  (click here to see a video on how to remove them, click here for the video on how to put them back on the new motor)

Somfy Motors come with a 50mm round drive wheel as standard. If you need a different type please check our somfy drive wheel page


WT motor wiring diagram

Roller shutter motor selection chart

Safety sheet

LT installation guide

LT60 technical drawing

FAA motor selection chart

LT limit setting

Technical Information



Consumption during operation 240   W
Minimum voltage 207   V
Maximum Voltage 244   V
Rated current 1.05   A
Nominal Voltage / Frequency 230V - 50Hz  


Capacity of the limit switch unit 35   turns
Type of limit switch unit Quick limit switch  
Nominal Speed 12   rpm
Nominal Torque 60   Nm
Repeatabilty ± 5   °


Approval RCM  
Protection Index IP 44  
Insulation class Class I  


Plug in cable Black LT Plug  
Cable type PVC  
Wire section 0,75   mm²
Color White  
Wire Length 2,5   m
Number of wires of the cable 4  


Length (L1) 620   mm
Basic crown for tube diameter 60 x 1,5   mm
Weight 3,92   Kg
Overall length (L3) 614   mm
Riveting position distance (L2) 597   mm