T5 Auto - With Automatic Limits & Obstacle Detection

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- Automatic setting of the up and down end-limits...the roller shutter must be equipped with up and down stoppers.
- Stop on obstacle function...the motor stops when closing in case of an obstruction
- Frost detection function...the motor stops when opening if the shutter curtain is stuck in the guide rails by frost or if the bottom lath is locked.
- Permanent readjustment of end-limits...because of the constant auto-learning and revision of the up and down end-limit positions. it adapts thus to the variation in length of the shutter curtain over time.


T5 Auto Installation Guide

T5 Auto Technical Data Sheet

Technical Information


T5 auto - 10/17 10Nm 17 rpm 521mm L3 2006701

T5 auto - 20/17 20Nm 17 rpm 695mm L3 2006703