TYB002 Solar Panel

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Solar panel and battery pack for WSERD50 (Optional power source)

This unit is recommended for use with 50mm DC motors. It's a solar panel with 4400mAh storage capacity using rechargeable Lithium batteries. 

The batteries will be fully charged in 80 hours of direct sunlight, and when full, will hold enough charge for about 50 days of normal operation without further charging. In the event that the batteries are depleted by excessive use or poor solar panel positioning, the batteries can be recharged  in a few hours by connecting an external charger to the unit.

•  New tear drop design
•  Monocrystalline silicone material
•  Nominal capacity 4400 mAh
•  Charging voltage 16.8v/1A, plug size 3.5x1.35mm
•  Charging time 8 hours
•  Output voltage 11.1v/4.5A
•  Working temperature -10OC to 45OC
•  Protection index IP67
•  Dimensions 546mm x 90mm x 32mm

PLEASE NOTE: 3m extension cables are available

Installation Instructions